Tips for Avoiding AND Resolving Arguments PART 1!

Tips for Avoiding AND Resolving Arguments PART 1! watch online.You can share and download this on dailymotion vimeo and other video sharing sites.Tips for Avoiding AND Resolving Arguments PART 1! is a best health lovers.

The number 1 relationship problem is COMMUNICATION. Especially important is Conscious, Heart Centered communication. Communication runs deep, and runs into every aspect of your life and relationship.

So many things not being spoken about or discussed.

TRUE, real feelings, thoughts, perspectives, ideas, wishes/desires, expectations, hopes and dreams. From sex life to raising children, to avoiding and resolving conflict, to collaborating and manifesting your dreams and dream life together and so much more!!!

When things from the casual daily stuff to the heart felt stuff are not talked about, ASSUMPTIONS which are so often completely wrong but still create a 100% fully real emotion (usually negative!!!) fill in the gap, coupled with hurt, pain, disappointment, resentment and confusion.

The remedy is heart to heart, eyeball to eyeball, mind to mind communication without blame, criticism or condemnation.

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