Fluoride Ion Battery Research

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The chemical element that makes up most of today’s batteries, lithium, may soon be challenged by its polar opposite on the Periodic Table: #fluoride. Yes, the same stuff in toothpaste.

Researchers are one step closer to equipping fluoride-based batteries for battle with improvements that allow the technology to operate at room temperature. Up until this point, fluoride had been limited to building high-temperature batteries that are impractical for our electronic devices.

A team of researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the Honda Research Institute, Inc. and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – including a Caltech postdoctoral researcher who is now an assistant professor at Purdue University – has secured two U.S. patents for the improvements and published findings in the Dec. 6 issue of the journal Science.

Full Story: http://bit.ly/2KYwyYe

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