Breaking News Is Dr Zakir Naik Arrested in Malaysia??_Mik Media

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Breaking News Is Dr Zakir Naik Arrested in Malaysia??_Mik Media watch online.You can share and download this on dailymotion vimeo and other video sharing sites.Breaking News Is Dr Zakir Naik Arrested in Malaysia??_Mik Media is a best islam lovers.

This video is recorded and uploaded under the supervision of IRF. Dr Zakir Naik is an Indian based Islamic Scholar. He was born on 18 Oct 1965 in Mumbai India. He has been called an authority on comparative religions but he considers himself as student of Islam. He openly rejects the sects in Islam. He is the head man and founder of Islamic Research foundation IRF. He has also started a TV channel name Peace TV through which reportedly he reaches 100 Million viewers all over the world. Before becoming a public speaker he was trained as professional medical doctor. He has published many books on Comparative religions. He has been awarded with different gallantry awards University of The Gambia, Awarded Dr. Zakir Naik with ‘Doctor of Humane Letters, King Faisal Award was given which is the biggest award of Muslims. His Major Lectures Include Bold Topics round the world like Islamic Research, Music, Women rights, Biological evolution, Impacts of media, harmony in different religions, World Peace through dialogue, love for humanity, care for animals and child rights.
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